Insight into Saint-Denis

Located in the northern suburbs of Paris-9.4km from the city’s centre is the suburb of Saint-Denis.

Throughout its history it has been a medieval city, a royal necropolis, a hub of the industrial revolution and is now a lively modern metropolis. Throughout it all, Saint-Denis has maintained its character and is full of treasured sites to be visited. This energetic district draws its strength from its multiculturalism, its inspiring dynamism and its ability to reinvent itself.

The Stade de France visible from central Paris behind the Sacre-Coeur

Saint-Denis is home to the largest and most impressive sporting venue in France, the Stade de France. The stadium was purpose built for the 1998 FIFA World Cup and has since provided the backdrop for exceptional events and concerts such as the 2003 IAAF World Championships, Rugby World Cup 2007 and UEFA Euro 2016. It is one of only two stadia in the world to have hosted both a football World Cup Final and a Rugby World Cup Final. The future looks bright for the stadium as it will also become the main stadium for the 2024 Summer Olympics. As the venue for the opening match and the final, Rugby World Cup 2023 will add to the illustrious history of the Stade de France.

Birds eye view of Stade de France

Points of interest in Saint-Denis also include the 12th Century church and burial place of kings of France-Basilica of Saint-Denis, Street Art Avenue-a celebration of graffiti, frescoes and collages along the canal and Cité du Cinéma, a film studio complex which brings together studios, students, professionals, and stars in celebration of the art of cinema.

Just like all the cities and towns in France, Saint Denis is sure to delight visitors from across the world when they arrive for the Rugby world Cup France 2023.

(Photo Credit: Aiman Saad Ellaoui & wikipedia)

Posted by Keith Prowse Travel on March 03, 2022