Run the Icons in the TCS London Marathon!

London has some of the most iconic building and sights in the world-and the 42.2km TCS London Marathon route takes in many of them!

The Beginning


With your start zone (red, blue or green) pre-determined by race organisers, each runner will have a unique experience of the first few kms of the race. Each start zone leads you through South East London suburban streets until all three groups converge almost 5km into the race in Woolwich. This first section of the race is the quietest and least scenic-however, the locals still line the street and cheer you on with gusto so you reach your first big Icon, the Cutty Sark. at approx. 10.5km, really fast! This is where the party atmosphere really starts to increase as spectators fill the streets and pubs of Greenwich!

The Cutty Sark, Greenwich, London


The Middle


After you leave Greenwich, you head through the streets of Rotherhithe and Bermondsey with their traditional East End community feel-where the locals welcome you with a festival of colour, sights and sounds! As you approach the halfway mark-one of the most iconic London structures looms ahead-Tower Bridge. Crossing the bridge during the marathon will forever be etched in your mind-it truly is a special moment that every runner should experience. So immersed in the views and party happening around you-it is easy to miss the Tower of London on your left and then all of a sudden you have reached the 21.1km marker! 

The next few km's take in the recently developed Canary Wharf area and then you smell before you see the Billingsgate Fish Market! This is the quietest section of the marathon-where you might need to dig a little deeper to put one foot in front of the other-but as you leave Limehouse-just before the 35km marker-you know you're headed towards that all important finish line!

Tower Bridge, London


The End


The last 7km of the TCS London Marathon will fly by in the blink of an eye as you inch ever closer to the 42.2km mark. Making your way through The City, the pubs will be full of rowdy spectators and with icons like St Paul's Cathedral in the background you really know you're in London! Hitting Victoria Embankment and the River Thames, the street is lined 20 deep either side and all around are the sights of London; The London Eye, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament. Meanwhile, the goosebumps are building as you know you will soon be a marathoner! Turning right at Westminster and running past the famous Abbey towards St James's Park, ahead you see Buckingham Palace and the intensity of the spectators reaches fever pitch driving you forward and down The Mall! Surrounded by hundreds of spectators and runners you are filled with emotion as you cross that line-knowing you are now in the small percentage of people who have completed a marathon! 


We know you will love every minute of the TCS London Marathon and Keith Prowse Travel can get you there! We have a small number of entries left for 2022 and as an Official Tour Operator of this iconic event you know you will be well looked after for your entire marathon experience! Get in touch with one of our Marathon Travel Specialists now to discuss your trip of a lifetime!


The Finish Line on The Mall, London Marathon, London

Posted by Keith Prowse Travel on March 14, 2022