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The 2024-2025 English Premier League fixture list has arrived!

Get ready – the EPL has just released the fixture list for the highly anticipated 2024-2025 season, and it promises to be a thrilling ride from start to finish.  

The opening weekend kicks off with a bang on Friday August 16th, featuring a clash between Manchester United and Fulham. Will we see the Cottagers continuing their improvement to spoil the opening day for United at Old Trafford? The pick of the opening weekend looks like defending champions Manchester City away at Chelsea where we will get a first look at Enzo Maresca’s new look team. 

As the season progresses, there is a great Christmas holiday kick off on December 14th with a Manchester derby at City, followed by Spurs at home to Liverpool on the 21st offering the opportunity to see Ange Postecoglou working his coaching magic. 

Then as the season concludes, a couple of great fixtures to watch out for are the classic Merseyside derby on April 2nd, and Liverpool v Arsenal as a potential title decider on 10th of May. 

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Full fixture list:

Matchweek 1

Friday 16 August 2024
Man Utd v Fulham  

Saturday 17 August 2024
Ipswich Town v Liverpool
Arsenal v Wolves
Everton v Brighton
Newcastle United v Southampton
Nottingham Forest v AFC Bournemouth
West Ham v Aston Villa  

Sunday 18 August 2024
Brentford v Crystal Palace 
Chelsea v Man City

Monday 19 August 2024
Leicester City v Spurs 

Matchweek 2

Saturday 24 August 2024  
AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle United 
Aston Villa v Arsenal 
Brighton v Man Utd 
Crystal Palace v West Ham 
Fulham v Leicester City 
Liverpool v Brentford 
Man City v Ipswich Town 
Southampton v Nottingham Forest 
Spurs v Everton 
Wolves v Chelsea  

Matchweek 3

Saturday 31 August 2024 
Arsenal v Brighton 
Brentford v Southampton 
Chelsea v Crystal Palace 
Everton v AFC Bournemouth 
Ipswich Town v Fulham 
Leicester City v Aston Villa 
Man Utd v Liverpool 
Newcastle United v Spurs 
Nottingham Forest v Wolves 
West Ham v Man City 

Matchweek 4

Saturday 14 September 2024  
AFC Bournemouth v Chelsea 
Aston Villa v Everton 
Brighton v Ipswich Town 
Crystal Palace v Leicester City 
Fulham v West Ham 
Liverpool v Nottingham Forest 
Man City v Brentford 
Southampton v Man Utd 
Spurs v Arsenal 
Wolves v Newcastle United 

Matchweek 5

Saturday 21 September 2024  
Aston Villa v Wolves 
Brighton v Nottingham Forest 
Crystal Palace v Man Utd 
Fulham v Newcastle United 
Leicester City v Everton 
Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth 
Man City v Arsenal 
Southampton v Ipswich Town 
Spurs v Brentford 
West Ham v Chelsea  

Matchweek 6

Saturday 28 September 2024 
AFC Bournemouth v Southampton 
Arsenal v Leicester City 
Brentford v West Ham 
Chelsea v Brighton 
Everton v Crystal Palace 
Ipswich Town v Aston Villa 
Man Utd v Spurs 
Newcastle United v Man City 
Nottingham Forest v Fulham 
Wolves v Liverpool 

Matchweek 7

Saturday 5 October 2024 
Arsenal v Southampton 
Aston Villa v Man Utd 
Brentford v Wolves 
Brighton v Spurs 
Chelsea v Nottingham Forest 
Crystal Palace v Liverpool 
Everton v Newcastle United 
Leicester City v AFC Bournemouth 
Man City v Fulham 
West Ham v Ipswich Town  

Matchweek 8

Saturday 19 October 2024 
AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal 
Fulham v Aston Villa 
Ipswich Town v Everton 
Liverpool v Chelsea 
Man Utd v Brentford 
Newcastle United v Brighton 
Nottingham Forest v Crystal Palace 
Southampton v Leicester City 
Spurs v West Ham 
Wolves v Man City

Matchweek 9

Saturday 26 October 2024  
Arsenal v Liverpool 
Aston Villa v AFC Bournemouth 
Brentford v Ipswich Town 
Brighton v Wolves 
Chelsea v Newcastle United 
Crystal Palace v Spurs 
Everton v Fulham 
Leicester City v Nottingham Forest 
Man City v Southampton 
West Ham v Man Utd  

Matchweek 10

Saturday 2 November 2024  
AFC Bournemouth v Man City 
Fulham v Brentford 
Ipswich Town v Leicester City 
Liverpool v Brighton 
Man Utd v Chelsea 
Newcastle United v Arsenal 
Nottingham Forest v West Ham 
Southampton v Everton 
Spurs v Aston Villa 
Wolves v Crystal Palace  

Matchweek 11

Saturday 9 November 2024 
Brentford v AFC Bournemouth 
Brighton v Man City 
Chelsea v Arsenal 
Crystal Palace v Fulham 
Liverpool v Aston Villa 
Man Utd v Leicester City 
Nottingham Forest v Newcastle United 
Spurs v Ipswich Town 
West Ham v Everton 
Wolves v Southampton  

Matchweek 12

Saturday 23 November 2024  
AFC Bournemouth v Brighton 
Arsenal v Nottingham Forest 
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace 
Everton v Brentford 
Fulham v Wolves 
Ipswich Town v Man Utd 
Leicester City v Chelsea 
Man City v Spurs 
Newcastle United v West Ham 
Southampton v Liverpool 

Matchweek 13

Saturday 30 November 2024  
Brentford v Leicester City 
Brighton v Southampton 
Chelsea v Aston Villa 
Crystal Palace v Newcastle United 
Liverpool v Man City 
Man Utd v Everton 
Nottingham Forest v Ipswich Town 
Spurs v Fulham 
West Ham v Arsenal 
Wolves v AFC Bournemouth

Matchweek 14

Tuesday 3 December 2024
AFC Bournemouth v Spurs
Arsenal v Man Utd
Aston Villa v Brentford
Everton v Wolves
Fulham v Brighton
Ipswich Town v Crystal Palace
Leicester City v West Ham 

Wednesday 4 December 2024
Man City v Nottingham Forest
Newcastle United v Liverpool
Southampton v Chelsea 

Matchweek 15

Saturday 7 December 2024  
Aston Villa v Southampton 
Brentford v Newcastle United 
Crystal Palace v Man City 
Everton v Liverpool 
Fulham v Arsenal 
Ipswich Town v AFC Bournemouth 
Leicester City v Brighton 
Man Utd v Nottingham Forest 
Spurs v Chelsea 
West Ham v Wolves 

Matchweek 16

Saturday 14 December 2024  
AFC Bournemouth v West Ham 
Arsenal v Everton 
Brighton v Crystal Palace 
Chelsea v Brentford 
Liverpool v Fulham 
Man City v Man Utd 
Newcastle United v Leicester City 
Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa 
Southampton v Spurs 
Wolves v Ipswich Town  

Matchweek 17

Saturday 21 December 2024 
Aston Villa v Man City 
Brentford v Nottingham Forest 
Crystal Palace v Arsenal 
Everton v Chelsea 
Fulham v Southampton 
Ipswich Town v Newcastle United 
Leicester City v Wolves 
Man Utd v AFC Bournemouth 
Spurs v Liverpool 
West Ham v Brighton 

Matchweek 18

Thursday 26 December 2024  
AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 
Arsenal v Ipswich Town 
Brighton v Brentford 
Chelsea v Fulham 
Liverpool v Leicester City 
Man City v Everton 
Newcastle United v Aston Villa 
Nottingham Forest v Spurs 
Southampton v West Ham 
Wolves v Man Utd 

Matchweek 19

Sunday 29 December 2024 
Aston Villa v Brighton 
Brentford v Arsenal 
Crystal Palace v Southampton 
Everton v Nottingham Forest 
Fulham v AFC Bournemouth 
Ipswich Town v Chelsea 
Leicester City v Man City 
Man Utd v Newcastle United 
Spurs v Wolves 
West Ham v Liverpool 

Matchweek 20

Saturday 4 January 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Everton 
Aston Villa v Leicester City 
Brighton v Arsenal 
Crystal Palace v Chelsea 
Fulham v Ipswich Town 
Liverpool v Man Utd 
Man City v West Ham 
Southampton v Brentford 
Spurs v Newcastle United 
Wolves v Nottingham Forest 

Matchweek 21

Tuesday 14 January 2025
Arsenal v Spurs
Brentford v Man City
Everton v Aston Villa
Ipswich Town v Brighton
Leicester City v Crystal Palace
Nottingham Forest v Liverpool
West Ham v Fulham 

Wednesday 15 January 2025
Chelsea v AFC Bournemouth
Newcastle United v Wolves 
Man Utd v Southampton  

Matchweek 22

Saturday 18 January 2025  
Arsenal v Aston Villa 
Brentford v Liverpool 
Chelsea v Wolves 
Everton v Spurs 
Ipswich Town v Man City 
Leicester City v Fulham 
Man Utd v Brighton 
Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth 
Nottingham Forest v Southampton 
West Ham v Crystal Palace 

Matchweek 23

Saturday 25 January 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest 
Aston Villa v West Ham 
Brighton v Everton 
Crystal Palace v Brentford 
Fulham v Man Utd 
Liverpool v Ipswich Town 
Man City v Chelsea 
Southampton v Newcastle United 
Spurs v Leicester City 
Wolves v Arsenal 

Matchweek 24

Saturday 1 February 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool 
Arsenal v Man City 
Brentford v Spurs 
Chelsea v West Ham 
Everton v Leicester City 
Ipswich Town v Southampton 
Man Utd v Crystal Palace 
Newcastle United v Fulham 
Nottingham Forest v Brighton 
Wolves v Aston Villa  

Matchweek 25

Saturday 15 February 2025  
Aston Villa v Ipswich Town 
Brighton v Chelsea 
Crystal Palace v Everton 
Fulham v Nottingham Forest 
Leicester City v Arsenal 
Liverpool v Wolves 
Man City v Newcastle United 
Southampton v AFC Bournemouth 
Spurs v Man Utd 
West Ham v Brentford 

Matchweek 26

Saturday 22 February 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Wolves 
Arsenal v West Ham 
Aston Villa v Chelsea 
Everton v Man Utd 
Fulham v Crystal Palace 
Ipswich Town v Spurs 
Leicester City v Brentford 
Man City v Liverpool 
Newcastle United v Nottingham Forest 
Southampton v Brighton 

Matchweek 27

Tuesday 25 February 2025
Brentford v Everton
Brighton v AFC Bournemouth
Nottingham Forest v Arsenal
Spurs v Man City
West Ham v Leicester City
Wolves v Fulham
Crystal Palace v Aston Villa

Wednesday 26 February 2025
Chelsea v Southampton
Liverpool v Newcastle United
Man Utd v Ipswich Town 

Matchweek 28

Saturday 8 March 2025  
Brentford v Aston Villa 
Brighton v Fulham 
Chelsea v Leicester City 
Crystal Palace v Ipswich Town 
Liverpool v Southampton 
Man Utd v Arsenal 
Nottingham Forest v Man City 
Spurs v AFC Bournemouth 
West Ham v Newcastle United 
Wolves v Everton 

Matchweek 29

Saturday 15 March 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Brentford 
Arsenal v Chelsea 
Aston Villa v Liverpool 
Everton v West Ham 
Fulham v Spurs 
Ipswich Town v Nottingham Forest 
Leicester City v Man Utd 
Man City v Brighton 
Newcastle United v Crystal Palace 
Southampton v Wolves  

Matchweek 30

Tuesday 1 April 2025
AFC Bournemouth v Ipswich Town
Arsenal v Fulham
Brighton v Aston Villa
Nottingham Forest v Man Utd
Wolves v West Ham 

Wednesday 2 April 2025
Chelsea v Spurs
Man City v Leicester City
Newcastle United v Brentford
Southampton v Crystal Palace 
Liverpool v Everton

Matchweek 31

Saturday 5 April 2025 
Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest 
Brentford v Chelsea 
Crystal Palace v Brighton 
Everton v Arsenal 
Fulham v Liverpool 
Ipswich Town v Wolves 
Leicester City v Newcastle United 
Man Utd v Man City 
Spurs v Southampton 
West Ham v AFC Bournemouth  

Matchweek 32

Saturday 12 April 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Fulham 
Arsenal v Brentford 
Brighton v Leicester City 
Chelsea v Ipswich Town 
Liverpool v West Ham 
Man City v Crystal Palace 
Newcastle United v Man Utd 
Nottingham Forest v Everton 
Southampton v Aston Villa 
Wolves v Spurs  

Matchweek 33

Saturday 19 April 2025  
Aston Villa v Newcastle United 
Brentford v Brighton 
Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth 
Everton v Man City 
Fulham v Chelsea 
Ipswich Town v Arsenal 
Leicester City v Liverpool 
Man Utd v Wolves 
Spurs v Nottingham Forest 
West Ham v Southampton 

Matchweek 34

Saturday 26 April 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Man Utd 
Arsenal v Crystal Palace 
Brighton v West Ham 
Chelsea v Everton 
Liverpool v Spurs 
Man City v Aston Villa 
Newcastle United v Ipswich Town 
Nottingham Forest v Brentford 
Southampton v Fulham 
Wolves v Leicester City 

Matchweek 35

Saturday 3 May 2025  
Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth 
Aston Villa v Fulham 
Brentford v Man Utd 
Brighton v Newcastle United 
Chelsea v Liverpool 
Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest 
Everton v Ipswich Town 
Leicester City v Southampton 
Man City v Wolves 
West Ham v Spurs  

Matchweek 36

Saturday 10 May 2025 
AFC Bournemouth v Aston Villa 
Fulham v Everton 
Ipswich Town v Brentford 
Liverpool v Arsenal 
Man Utd v West Ham 
Newcastle United v Chelsea 
Nottingham Forest v Leicester City 
Southampton v Man City 
Spurs v Crystal Palace 
Wolves v Brighton 

Matchweek 37

Sunday 18 May 2025  
Arsenal v Newcastle United 
Aston Villa v Spurs 
Brentford v Fulham 
Brighton v Liverpool 
Chelsea v Man Utd 
Crystal Palace v Wolves 
Everton v Southampton 
Leicester City v Ipswich Town 
Man City v AFC Bournemouth 
West Ham v Nottingham Forest 

Matchweek 38

Sunday 25 May 2025  
AFC Bournemouth v Leicester City 
Fulham v Man City 
Ipswich Town v West Ham 
Liverpool v Crystal Palace 
Man Utd v Aston Villa 
Newcastle United v Everton 
Nottingham Forest v Chelsea 
Southampton v Arsenal 
Spurs v Brighton 
Wolves v Brentford 

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