2022 – The Year of the Bucket List Trip!

The results are in and 2022 has been officially declared the year of the GOAT- “Greatest of all Trips” by an Expedia report published in late 2021. This news solidifies the feeling amongst the travel industry that a tidal wave of pent up demand is coming as the world opens up after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the topsy-turvy start to 2022, due to the Omicron variant, things are looking bright for travellers this year-and the bucket list trip appears to be at the top of the list for many looking to escape the confines of their own country and venture abroad once again.

According to the Expedia report, which surveyed 12,000 travellers across 12 countries, more than two thirds of respondents are planning to “Go Big” on their next trip and many are looking towards exotic locations, luxurious experiences and upgraded hotel rooms or flights to achieve this.

With the last two years allowing many to save their hard earned cash, the mood for travellers has shifted and the need to get out there and see the world has created an urgency that has never been seen before. The underlying feeling of “what if another pandemic happens?” has seen bookings surge for epic destinations and experiences as people plan the trips they have been dreaming of since 2020.

American Express have also confirmed through their Global Travel Trends Report that there is a new travel mindset and a pent-up demand for travel due to the benefits it can bring. The desire to travel was strengthened by the recognition that experiencing new things relieved stress and increased wellbeing-areas we could all benefit from after the past two years. The landscape of luxury travel has also shifted-according to AMEX- with an increased focus on personalised experiences being the most desirable luxury amenity.

So, how is Keith Prowse Travel able to help you tick that bucket list off with your “Greatest Of All Trip”? Our team of travel specialists have curated a prestige list of global sport and event travel experiences that take in some of the most exclusive events around the world with premium inclusions such as luxury accommodation, money-can’t-buy personalised experiences and the best seats in the house. Whether you want to sip tea near the baseline of Centre Court at The Championships, Wimbledon, hear the roar of the engines in the grandstand at the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix or finally kick that goal of running a marathon through the five boroughs at the TCS New York Cty Marathon we are here to help you realise your dream! Just like you, we have spent the last two years planning and preparing for these once in a lifetime trips and are so excited that the world is opening up again so we can make them a reality!

So, the only real question is-what’s on your bucket list?

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