Singapore Showcase

This year, with world-class events like the Standard Chartered Singapore Trophy and Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022, on the calendar, this small nation is undoubtedly punching above its weight.

So, if you’re headed to Singapore this year, check out our up-to-date guide on where to go to make the most of your trip!

1. Sentosa Island

Accessible by monorail at Vivocity in Harbourfront, this sunny island resort is home to pristine white sandy beaches and laid-back beach clubs that can feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tanjong Beach on the south side of the island is perfect for a quiet day of sunbathing, and if you’re looking to continue the relaxation, you can head to one of the island’s many spas.

Check out Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove for an alfresco meal with a seaside view when you get hungry.

2. Gardens by the Bay

With three gardens spread across 101 hectares of land, Gardens by the Bay is full of iconic structures, blooming gardens and wildlife that will astound visitors.

Take in the Cloud Forest and its tropical highland greenery, the Flower Dome and the mesmerising Supertree structures.

3 . Andsoforth

Don’t miss Andosforth-Asia’s largest immersive dining company for a REAL difference meal. With a constantly changing (and secret) location to different theatrical themes-you will never have experienced food this way before!

With a mission to make Singapore fun again (for adults), Andsoforth works with the premier creatives in Singapore to create an experience that will delight, astonish and bewilder your taste buds!

4. Shop ‘til you drop

Singapore’s National Pastime really is shopping. You only have to head to Orchard Road on the weekend to witness the thousands of locals packing the sidewalks with their paper bags full of new delights, to see how seriously they take it! Likewise, tourists can feel like a local by indulging in a little retail therapy at any of the city’s shopping meccas.

Whether you love designer goods like those that are found at Marina Bay Sands® or multicultural treasurers from Kampong Gelam, you will have every need catered for by the Singaporean shops!

5. Chilli Crab

No visit to Singapore is complete without sampling the local delicacy of Chilli Crab. One of the most iconic places to experience the meal is Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. Jumbo has multiple outlets across the city, but the most famous is the East Coast Seafood Centre restaurant. Founded in 1987, the first restaurant in the group is a renowned seafood paradise for locals and tourists alike.

By no means an exhaustive list of the delights that await you in Singapore, but we hope this adds to the excitement as you plan your trip for one of the outstanding events hosted by Keith Prowse Travel in one of our favourite destinations-Singapore.

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